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L.O.L. (Laughing Out Loud)

L.O.L. (Laughing Out Loud)

con Anthony Papandrea

martedì 29 e mercoledì 30 novembre, ore 20.00

spettacolo e consumazione Euro 15.00


L.O.L.” (Laughing our Loud) is the hilarious, musical one man show by New York comic and violinist Anthony Papandrea.

The son of a Roman Catholic priest and a school teacher – like Rome’s Renaissance glory days!-is going to strum and bow his way into your heart.

”He’s a witty wordsmith and a poised performer. He’ll leave you with a smile on your face and humming along.”- Ian Finkel, author and World’s Greatest Xylaphonist

Anthony is the former host of Greenwich Village’s open mic Performance Anxiety, a regular contributor to VH1’s Best Night Ever and The Booker Show on KRock 92.3 New York. He has also rocked shows at top comedy clubs in New York, Boston and Connecticut and on cruise ships through both hemispheres.

This November 29th and 30th at 8pm at Teatro l’Arciliuto, piazza Montevecchio 5, near piazza Navona, Anthony will steer this comedy ‘Laughing Out Loud’ for the first time in Rome.



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