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Madama Butterfly

which inaugurates the Teatro Comunale Nouveau in Bologna, Performances on 19, 22, 24 February

Luciano Ganci is Pinkerton in the opera Madama Butterfly
which will inaugurate Teatro Comunale Bologna’s new, temporary location.

Performances on 19, 22, 24 February

Dovunque al mondo lo Yankee vagabondo
Si gode e traffica sprezzando rischi.
Affonda l’àncora alla ventura…

“As a tenor I have the impudence, not to absolve, because that would be impossible, but in any case to greatly mitigate the horrible character, Pinkerton. He is a young man who plays along in the “game” that all his comrades are clearly up to in Japan, with the difference that he runs into a girl who “thinks it’s true” and abandons everything for him, believing in his love, and allowing herself to be disowned and cursed. Note that she is trusting, while he sinks into a prison which will cost him his whole life once he returns to the scene of his horrible game to discover that the lifeless Cio Cio-san truly believed in it. It’s a plot that highlights the cultural differences between West and East and the shallowness of the young in the West in contrast with the sacrality of life and love in the East. The essence of the plot is woefully up-to-date and is a constant warning against actions which, if completed with levity ‘because everyone does it’, can have repercussions on the entire lives of others and ourselves.

This production of Madama Butterfly, which inaugurates the Teatro Comunale Nouveau in Bologna, brings together the youthful vision of the brilliant Gianmaria Aliverta and the skilful hand of conductor Daniel Oren, in a combination in which every single note, every single word, exudes and emanates the emotion it deserves, and I can only be grateful to the theatre for involving me in this project.”
Portrait © Roberto Autuori
BTS photo © Andrea Ranzi \ TCBO

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